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Flightpath Chronicles: Exploring Aviation Horizons

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Flightpath Chronicles: Exploring Aviation Horizons - January Edition

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Welcome aboard Flightpath Chronicles! 🛩✨

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the skies with us! We’re thrilled to have you join our aviation adventure. In this newsletter, expect a cockpit view into our world of aviation - where we share stories of soaring highs, intricate aircraft builds, thrilling flight experiences, and the passion that fuels our love for flying.

Together, let’s explore the boundless horizons of aviation, delve into the art of crafting our very own Piper Super Cub, and discover the wonders of flight through captivating tales and invaluable insights.

Buckle up and get set to elevate your aviation experience with each edition of Flightpath Chronicles!

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Featured Content: Aviation Horizon 😎

I have flown West Texas to Oshkosh 4 different times now, but what I haven't been able to do is experience Sun-n-Fun. I did Oshkosh once in my Sonex Waiex and the other three times in my Cessna 182. I'm planning to attend the Sun-n-Fun event in my Cessna in April 2024. If you haven't already figured it out by now, I'm building an Experimental Piper Super Cub. This will be a hybrid scratch build. I say hybrid because I'm working with VR3 Engineering to provide the pre-cut and coped tubing. I will take it from there to fit and weld it together.

I have long had the desire to build my own aircraft since getting into aviation and it has taken time to get here, but here we go! I will have updates of the project on my website, and will feature some monthly updates here as I move ahead with the project. I hope you will follow along.

Tips & Tricks: Mastering the Pre-Flight Checklist ✈✅

One of the cornerstones of safe flying is a thorough pre-flight checklist. Before taking to the skies, ensure you meticulously inspect your aircraft. From confirming fuel levels to checking control surfaces, every step ensures a safer and more enjoyable flight.

Even the most experienced pilots rely on this crucial routine to mitigate risks and ensure a smooth journey. Embrace this checklist as a pre-flight ritual, fostering confidence in your aircraft’s readiness and your ability to navigate the skies with precision.

Behind The Scenes: Prop Perspectives 🛫

Up to now, I have been in a pretty heavy planning stage. I have been in contact with VR3 Engineering and received pricing options and delivery times on the material they will provide. I have started an extensive list of materials that I will need/want for the Super Cub to be my own. That list includes items for the panel, to the tires and wheels, and down to planning a paint scheme.

I have my garage set up with a large work table, and I'm getting my tools organized and adding to my tool collection as well. The majority of the build has been mostly mental work planning the project and very minimal physical work, but that should all change in the very near future.

I'm currently experimenting with various paint schemes and will be unveiling a new one every month. I'm planning to introduce a poll soon, allowing everyone to vote for their favorite scheme.

Reader Spotlight: AeroStars 🌟✨

If you have an aviation story to share, I would love to host it here on the Flightpath Chronicles. It can be safety related, build related, general aviation, or commercial aviation related. All aviation stories are welcome. Please contact me at Experimental Adventure with your story.

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Choose your flight path above and immerse yourself in the world of aviation exploration! 🌟

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Cleared for the Visual: Stay Tuned!

Thank you to all those that have subscribed, and all those that take the time to read the Flightpath Chronicles. I hope you are enjoying the content in this newsletter and please check out my website (

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